How To Nominate

The nomination period for 2018-19 has ended and inductees will be announced this summer! 2019-20 nominations will be accepted in the fall of 2019.

To nominate a person for the Cathedral Circle of Excellence, please complete the application below for the nominee category:

Time associated with the school to be eligible for nomination:

    • Alumni – accomplishments made as a student: 5 years after graduation
    • Alumni – accomplishments made post graduation: 10 years after graduation
      • Faculty, Staff, Administrators or Coaches: 10 years of service or five years after employment end.
    • Community: 15 years of service/association with the school

All candidates are judged on their significant and/or long-term contributions to Cathedral High School. While many in our community have served their state and local programs over a long and distinguished career, their accomplishments must have been illustrious, distinguishable, exemplary or profound for them to be considered. Longevity, without meaningful impact, does not constitute appropriate credentials for Circle of Excellence consideration.

Nominations must include the nomination form, photo of nominee and two letters of recommendation.